زيت enbd

ENBD REIT’s NAV stood at USD 255 million ex-dividend (USD 1.02 per share) at the close of the quarter, which translated into a cum-dividend NAV of USD 260 million prior to the approval and payment of a USD 5.4 million dividend. Occupancy growth within the portfolio has been particularly robust for ENBD REIT’s affordable residential and office properties. ENBD REIT continues to deliver Consistent Performance. Click here to know more. ENBD REIT's stock is traded on Nasdaq Dubai under ticker symbol 'Enbdreit'. ENBD REIT Announces Offer Price of US$ 1.11 per Ordinary Share following strong demand from GCC-based investors. Click here to know more.

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ENBD REIT’s total property portfolio value now stands at USD 447 million.

ENBD REIT’s NAV stood at USD 285 million (USD 1.12 per share), compared with USD 289 million in the previous quarter, as a result of valuation losses driven by soft real estate market conditions. ENBD REIT Announces Quarterly NAV Increase of 1.71%. Total property portfolio value stands at USD 460 million (AED 1.7 billion). ENBD REIT's NAV stood at USD 284 million (USD 1.11 per share), declining by just USD 1 million on the previous quarter despite challenging market conditions. ENBD REIT’s total property portfolio value now stands at USD 447 million. Invitation to ENBD REIT (CEIC) Limited's 2017 Annual General Meeting